People with limited time

In today’s fast-paced world, people are increasingly looking for flexible volunteering options that fit in with their busy lifestyles


Online volunteers contribute to their community or a cause they care about via the internet. Many people prefer to use technology to volunteer as it gives them the flexibility to volunteer anywhere at any time. It also helps to overcome some of the barriers to volunteering such as lack of time, transport and disability.

Volunteering online allows people to use small amounts of spare time effectively. It also gives people the opportunity to get involved with a cause or issue when there are no suitable volunteer options where they live.

Online volunteering

Online volunteering includes:

  • projects to raise awareness, educate or advocate on a specific cause
  • facilitating online discussions via social media and networking sites
  • providing legal and business advice
  • website design, creating online resources, managing news and blogs or participating in online forums
  • fundraising
  • media promotion
  • training and mentoring
  • translating documents
  • researching, writing and editing.

Tips for online volunteering

  • Ask your volunteer manager for any support, feedback and guidance you need.
  • Expect communication through online tools such as email, Skype, Facebook and Google groups.
  • Ask about what orientation will be provided. Useful information to know is an overview of the organisation, information on projects and precise task instructions with clear goals and deadlines.
  • Communicate on a regular basis and ask for feedback on how you are going. Project objectives could be defined in collaboration with the organisation and you can report on how you are meeting your set objectives.
  • Encourage teamwork – ask to connect with other online volunteers within the organisation so you can exchange knowledge and experience.

Micro-volunteering: New ways to make a difference!

Lots of people have spare time – moments when they are sitting in airports, waiting for appointments – imagine if these people could be empowered to help out during this time. Anyone with an iPhone, Android phone or laptop could be a potential volunteer.

Micro-volunteering opportunities requires low commitment, doesn't involve scheduling and you as a volunteer can help as many organisations as many times as you like and can. Organisations post micro-volunteering opportunities to mobile phones and computers that can be done remotely and when convenient for the volunteer. It’s volunteering on-the-spot and on-demand.

Examples of micro-volunteering

  • documenting instances of environmental pollution
  • contributing to an online map showing the locations of defibrillators around the world
  • adding tag descriptions to images in an online virtual arts library
  • reporting bird sightings to environmental agencies
  • providing coaching and feedback to someone learning English
  • translating micro-finance loan applications
  • transcribing subtitles for human rights videos
  • photographing images for news or promotional purposes
  • recording GPS locations of dangerous road obstacles
  • posting information about a cause or organisation to social networking sites
  • testing websites, checking facts and editing reports.

Volunteering to suit your schedule is only a click away!

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