Families & children

Parents, children & other family members can spend time together while contributing to the community


Family volunteering is a great way for families to enjoy quality time with each other and introduce family members to the benefits of volunteering.

Family volunteering can be a practical way to express values to children and young people.

Volunteering provides parents and other family members the opportunity to be a positive role model by demonstrating how being involved within the community to make a difference can be enjoyable and satisfying. People who volunteer when they are young are more likely to continue to volunteer throughout their adult life.

Volunteering in your family group can also improve communication among family members, strengthen family bonds and be a lot of fun.

Examples of family volunteering activities

  • fetes and festivals
  • reading to children
  • fundraising activities
  • school and kindergarten activities
  • planting trees/bush regeneration
  • recycling projects
  • sporting club activities
  • surf lifesaving
  • visits to nursing homes
  • caring for animals
  • sorting donated books

Benefits of family volunteering

  • a shared sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from giving back to the community
  • experiencing a stronger sense of community and feeling less socially isolated
  • helping families learn about their own community and the social issues that affect it
  • developing respect and understanding for different people and lifestyles
  • creating family memories
  • learning new skills or building on existing skills
  • building the self-confidence of family members.

How to find family volunteering opportunities

  • Search available volunteer opportunities suitable for families.
  • Talk to other people about their experiences of family volunteering.
  • Approach community organisations to find opportunities.
  • Ask at your school or kindergarten.
  • Get involved with Clean Up Australia Day and other community events.
  • Contact your local environmental parklands.

Bring the whole family together in a way that is fun & engaging

Start searching family volunteer opportunities today!


Photo: Steven Depolo