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You might not have an interest in participating in sport, or outdoor activities like rock climbing, or even doing fitness classes, but what about managing fundraising, preparing marketing material, developing websites, setting up campsites or being a mentor?

Sports volunteers do everything from coaching, sitting on boards, preparing food, marshalling big events, to even being a pillion passenger on a motorcycle!

There are more roles across sport, community recreation, fitness and the great outdoors than you might think. Some might be one-off opportunities, others might be ongoing, but there is something for everyone.

By volunteering you are giving your time and energy, as well as developing your personal skills whilst helping local community projects.

It's never too late to get in and give it a go, and there are thousands of great people looking forward to making it a great experience for you.

Get involved, search for sport, fitness and recreation volunteering opportunities.

Things to consider

Volunteer quotes

Together with Queensland Fitness, Sport and Recreation Skills Alliance we've surveyed hundreds of volunteers to find out what they have to say about their volunteering...

  • "My kids play and are coached by other volunteers and it is a way to put back into the club that the kids get so much out of"
  • "Enjoy the sport, the participation, companionship, fitness and enjoyment of competition"
  • "Giving back to the sport what I got out of it for some 50 years"
  • "It is very satisfying to think that I have in some small way provided for the younger generation to participate in sport which is good for their general upbringing"
  • "Anything that you do as a volunteer helps you in everyday life, in your work and in the street. Just the confidence that you gain by being involved as a 'useful/appreciated' person leads on to your being more successful in everything you do"

Volunteer stories

Michelle Lindley

Michelle is a very active volunteer in the sport, recreation and fitness industry, combining volunteering with her full time work. With a lifetime (a few decades) of volunteering behind her, Michelle has seen and done plenty as a volunteer.

Like many volunteers, Michelle helps a range of organisations, spreading her efforts across PCYC QLD, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, the Brisbane Outrigger Canoe Club and the Brisbane International Tennis event. She has volunteered in roles requiring ongoing weekly commitment, but now enjoys participating primarily at events, giving up about 6 weeks a year of her time. Luckily for Michelle, her employer is very supportive providing flexible leave and work times for volunteer commitments and providing encouragement for her to volunteer at internal events.

Being a volunteer requires a wide range of skills and Michelle has identified communication, leadership, event management and the ability to give and take direction as among the most important. The ability to motivate, as well as being prepared to undertake a wide range of tasks, often at the same time, also helps keep her coming back for more.

Volunteering gives her "a sense of helping out the community and it also allows me the chance to be a part of these events in a more exciting way than just as an attendee" Michelle says.

"I have always been in organisations that rely on volunteers, so I feel happy to give something back for the efforts I receive from other volunteers".

Michelle has also found volunteering invaluable to her paid work, gaining skills in planning and project management, people management and communication, as well as broadening her industry knowledge. Working at events also provides an ‘adrenalin hit’ which helps mentally!

Her best volunteer role was taking a group of young people from Japan to Heron Island. "They needed an Aussie Chaperone on a Scuba Diving trip and I just happened to be the only person with the Scuba ticket so I got to go!" she said.

Volunteers like Michelle bring much to our organisations but also gain a lot from interacting with others and learning new skills. Thanks Michelle!

Stacey Clift

Sport, recreation and fitness volunteers come from many and varied backgrounds and their volunteering contributions extend across a variety of industries and organisations. Stacey is one volunteer whose contribution spans many areas!

Stacey likes to spread her volunteering across a range of causes and organisations that she believes in. As a paid worker in the community recreation sector with the Police Citizens Youth Club at Carindale, Stacey has been volunteering in sport, fitness and recreation for about four years. She volunteers for community activities for her employer, and also volunteers for The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. In addition, Stacey has volunteered her time and efforts to Lions, Rotary, Carina Senior Citizens and Bunnings.

Through her varied volunteering contributions, Stacey has identified event management as the most crucial skill that has benefitted her. Volunteering has also helped develop the scope of her networks for both personal and professional development. Stacey contributes about five hours per week to volunteering and appreciates the culture and support systems in place in her workplace.

2011 was a big one in terms of volunteering, and Stacey rates her contribution to the Grantham Flood clean up as being her best volunteering experience to date.

Luckily, for the organisations that rely on her, Stacey rates the rewarding feeling she gets from helping out as the reason she volunteers. We're sure there’ll be many more rewarding experiences for Stacey in the future.

Useful resources

Government agencies along with national and state bodies for many sports, outdoor and community recreation organisations have excellent resources that might help you in your volunteering.

  • Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services: The department coordinates volunteering across the Queensland Government and has some great resources and information about volunteering.
  • Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing: The department has resources and training available to volunteers and volunteer managers.
  • Department of Social Services: The department provides volunteer funding grants subject to application periods and conditions.
  • Australian Football League (AFL): The AFL has an excellent community club page which provides plenty of information, support and an explanation of the many roles volunteers play within their sport.
  • Police Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYC): In Queensland, the PCYC play a major role in enhancing Queensland communities through youth development. They rely on volunteers to help them deliver a wide range of programs for youth across many different activities.
  • Volunteering Australia (VA): VA has a wide range of quality support materials for volunteers. View their valuable information to assist make your volunteering experience a positive and worthwhile one!
  • Australian Sports Commission (ASC): ASC is Australia’s primary national sports administration and advisory agency. The ASC administers and funds innovative sports programs and provides leadership, coordination and support for the sports sector. The ASC has some excellent support materials for volunteers including factsheets on people management.

Info for volunteer involving organisations

Volunteers play a key role in the successful running of any sports club. They are the lifeblood of sport and recreation and help Queenslanders of all ages to be healthy, active and have fun.

Sport, fitness, outdoor and community recreation organisations can recruit the volunteers they are looking for by using our online platform. When you register with us you can:

  • Upload a profile about your organisation
  • Place, edit and manage your volunteering opportunities
  • Receive applications directly from the many and varied volunteers who visit our website every day

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We can also support you to achieve best practice in volunteer management through a range of accredited and professional development training, networking events, resourcesresearch and membership.

Club Central Resources

Does your club or association need resources to assist your volunteers? The Queensland Fitness, Sport and Recreation Skills Alliance Club Central Resources includes a range of resources, templates and links to help your organisation implement sound and strong governance. Most are free, others can be accessed through a free membership.

Volunteer Recruitment Insight Series

We've produced a video series covering helpful insights into what you need to consider when recruiting and managing volunteers for any event. This series takes you through four stages of preparation and implementation.

Useful resources

There is a significant amount of information and resources available to support your organisation to successfully engage volunteers. Here's some useful links for where to start.

  • Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services: The department coordinates volunteering across the Queensland Government and has some great resources and information about volunteering.
  • Department of Social Services: The department provides volunteer funding grants subject to application periods and conditions.
  • Australian Sports Commission (ASC): The ASC is Australia’s primary national sports administration and advisory agency, and the cornerstone of a wide-ranging sports system. On behalf of the Australian Government, the ASC plays a central leadership role in the development and operation of the Australian sports system, administering and funding innovative sports programs and providing leadership, coordination and support for the sports sector. The ASC has some excellent support materials for volunteer managers including factsheets on people management, writing job descriptions, recruiting, retaining, coaching and more.
  • Volunteering Australia (VA): VA is the national peak body working to advance volunteering in the Australian community. Its role is to represent the diverse views and needs of the volunteering sector while promoting the activity of volunteering as one of enduring social, cultural and economic value. View their valuable information to assist your volunteer management practice.
  • Australasian Association of Managers of Volunteers (AAMoV): AAMoV is a professional association for individuals across all sections of the community who are involved with managing volunteer programs within the Australasian region, including Australia and New Zealand. Although people who manage volunteers in sport, recreation and fitness organisations tend to be volunteers themselves, this is not always the case. Whether volunteer or paid staff, volunteer managers need all the assistance and support they can get. Becoming a member with AAMoV provides access to a support network, information and resources.

Profile your volunteers

If you have an outstanding volunteer who deserves recognition, please consider:

  • nominating them for our Queensland Volunteering Awards
  • submitting their volunteer story to share on our website and communication channels, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • sharing their experience on social media with the hashtag #VolunteersofQLD.


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