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Insurance & risk management for over 80's

Involving over 80's in your volunteer program means following a few simple guidelines in order to protect both the volunteer and the organisation. Many organisations successfully utilise the services and embrace their unique skills. 

This information sheet provides steps on how many organisations successfully involve our most senior members of the community in their volunteering programs.

Insurance and risk management for over 80’s

Policy & procedure development

Organisations that involve volunteers should define and document their policies and procedures for involving volunteers, and ensure that these are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels. 

This information sheet covers:

  • Policy development process
  • Five stages of developing policy and procedures
  • How policy can provide a framework for enabling volunteers

Policy and procedure development

Risk management & insurance

Risk management is the process of systematically identifying and eliminating or reducing risks faced by volunteer-involving organisations so as to protect the interests of the organisation and to protect those who may suffer injury, damage or loss. 

This information sheet covers:

  • What risk management is 
  • Risk management model
  • Insurance
  • Other insurance issues for consideration
  • Arranging insurance
  • Legislation

Risk management and insurance

Not sure whether your organisation requires insurance cover?

Volunteering Australia, Aon Risk Services and Sam Small launched an online, interactive and customer-friendly Insurance Puzzle Solver (IPS). By answering only 10 simple YES/NO questions, the IPS will help identify your insurance needs.

For more information visit Volunteering Australia or Aon online.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning is a vital process for organisations as they consider their purpose, role and reason for existence.

This information sheet provides an overview of the strategic planning process including building a vision, mission and values statement. 

Strategic planning

SWOT analysis

The SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis is a simple, useful tool for accessing a variety of situations and decision making in organisations. This tool provides an insight into what a SWOT analysis is as well as a framework for conducting SWOT in organisations. 

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis template

Download the SWOT analysis template to help you with what you should consider for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

SWOT analysis template

Workplace health & safety for involving volunteers

Organisations that involve volunteers must ensure the workplace is conducive to preserving their health, safety and general well-being.

This information sheet will assist you in providing a safe workplace for volunteers.

Workplace health and safety for involving volunteers

Work health & safety laws

Volunteers play a vital role in communities across Queensland and make significant contributions by carrying out unpaid work for a variety of organisations every day.

The following chart provides information on how work health and safety laws apply to organisations that (A) employ workers and engage volunteers; or (B) are volunteer associations with no employed workers.

Work health and safety laws

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