Community & grassroots leadership is critical to ensuring healthy, sustainable & fair communities



This research bulletin covers:

  • Adaptive leadership for volunteer managers
  • What makes a leader? Understanding community leadership
  • Rethinking volunteer management as leadership – in UnitingCare Community
  • Leading leaders: Creating the movement

Leadership Edition - Innovate Research Bulletin

This article addresses growing recognition that those who lead community organisations face significantly different challenges than their predecessors. These include technological changes, new models of service delivery and funding models, greater diversity, new models of engagement and increasingly complex issues in their communities. These challenges have no technical or ‘easy fix’; they’re adaptive, and therefore require a new approach to leadership.

Adaptive Leadership: An approach for challenging times - Innovate Research Bulletin


Collection of tools to enhance personal leadership skills and extend methods of working with groups. These tools have been successfully used by our facilitators in capacity building work within local communities. 

Capacity building

This document has been designed for individuals in community leadership roles to reflect on their interests and how they might enhance their personal ways of working; as well as a variety of activities that could be used with members of community groups and with community workers.

Group skill development

The following document presents a series of activities that can be used by community leaders or facilitators to help groups develop:

  1. Consensual decision making skills
  2. Problem solving skills
  3. Facilitative skills

Group capacity building

In this document you will find a range of different tools for use in building the capacity of small community groups. The tools relate both to the sustainability of the group itself and to enhancing group outcomes.

Learning activities

Participate in a problem based learning activity to stimulate thought and discussion around leadership dilemmas. Develop your understanding and skills in community leadership. 

Photo: Leading Volunteers Masterclass