Arts based approaches for community engagement & leadership, pathways for creative in communities


Participatory Photography & Self-empowerment in Different Nations

This publication explores the critical role creative disciplines and creative people play in providing new models of engagement and action in social change and community works. 

Covers three different nonprofit organisations that have used collaborative photography to enable locals to empower themselves. 

Participatory Photography and Self-empowerment in Different Nations

Creativity in Community

This research paper explores the ways creativity and social innovation affect the not-for-profit sector and community.

It covers: 

  • Creativity dimensions and applications
  • Organisational culture and creativity 
  • Social innovation
  • Cross-sectoral collaboration: Not-for-profit, business and arts sector

Creativity in Community

Creative Engagement

This information sheet explains how creative engagement in practice can be used to inspire, challenge, help see things differently, bring joy to people and build better communities.

Creative Engagement