Community resilience

Helping Queenslanders prepare for & recover from disasters


Resilience Edition - Innovate Research Bulletin

This research bulletin explains what is resilience from different perspectives and shares practices. 

It covers:


  • Resilience: But what do we mean?
  • Building resilience is an art of cooperation
  • Resilience: Much spoken of but little understood
  • Resilience counts, but can it be counted?
  • Creating resilience for businesses and communities in a climate changing world


  • The Natural Disaster Resilience Leadership Project
  • Christchurch Student Volunteer Army
  • The Gympie Get Ready Resilience Program, the Resilience Toolkit
  • UNESCO Youth Looking Beyond Disaster Forum 
  • Weather the Storm: Women Prepare
  • Central Highlands Housing Project
  • Christchurch Gap Filler
  • Bundaberg USB Wristband Project 

Resilience Edition - Innovate Research Bulletin