Digital Mentors Volunteer Program

Share your digital knowledge and experience to help Queenslanders to learn, discover and grow digitally.

Become a Digital Mentor and provide face-to-face support, either one-on-one or in small groups, to help others learn how to use digital technologies such as smartphones, tablets, computers or laptops.

The role of a Digital Mentor in the Queensland Government’s Queensland Digital Inclusion Network and GetOnlineQld program is to guide, encourage and assist Queenslanders to learn basic digital skills, identify and work towards their goals and use technology to improve their lives and lifestyles.

We welcome people from all walks of life to become Digital Mentors. Most Digital Mentors are not IT experts. They are ordinary Queenslanders who want to give back to their community by teaching basic digital skills and helping to build others’ confidence in using digital technologies. The most important characteristics of a good Digital Mentor are empathy and patience!

How will you be helping?

You will be helping people connect with digital technologies, which are essential drivers of education, employment, social inclusion, connectedness, economic growth and innovation.

You will be helping people to learn basic digital skills, in particular:

  • Managing information online – finding, managing and storing digital information and content
  • Communicating – interacting, communicating, collaborating, sharing and connecting with others
  • Transacting online – buying and selling goods and services and using online government services
  • Problem-solving online – self-learning of simple tasks, using feedback from others on the internet to solve common problems and accessing support services
  • Creating online – creating documents, creating and sharing photos, providing feedback and social media posts.

Who will you be helping?

Any person over the age of 18 who has an interest in learning digital skills is welcome to join in the program. 

Program participants and learners have diverse backgrounds, experiences and personal circumstances, but they all have one thing in common – they’re not able to make full use of technology and haven’t been able to benefit from being online.

Almost 600,000 Queenslanders don’t access the internet regularly, because they don’t see the need, lack confidence or knowledge or are concerned about the cost. These people are considered to be ‘digitally excluded’ and they need your help.

Standard checks

All Digital Mentors will require a current National Criminal History Check. The process for applying for a criminal history certificate will be undertaken during your training, at no cost to you.

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Become a Digital Mentor and help people to get online and get connected!

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Funded by the Department of Housing and Public Works