Queensland Mental Health Week, 8-14 October 2017


Sunday 8 October 2017 is the start of Queensland Mental Health Week.  The purpose of the week is to promote and raise awareness of mental health issues, wellbeing and an understating of what it means to people living with mental illness.

You can get involved by promoting activities that encourage mental, physical, social and spiritual wellbeing.  Connect with your local community and/or charity organisations and encourage those you may know with a mental illness to seek help and communicate.

Other ways you can make a difference is to become involved in one of the many events planned throughout the week.

Gladstone Mental Health and Wellbeing Fair, Saturday 7 October 2017

Location: PCYC, Yarroon Street, Gladstone

Come along for a fun and informative day. There will be live music, games, fun activities, displays and plenty of food and entertainment.

Walk for Awareness, Friday 8 October 2017

Location: Captain Burke Park, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane

Begin with an inspiring opening ceremony to remember those lost to depression and mental illness. Then take off on a 8km walk around Brisbane’s winding river and beautiful scenery.

Brisbane Mental Health Expo, Friday 13 October 2017

Location: Reddacliff Place, George Street, Brisbane

The Brisbane Mental Health Expo is an annual event where you can receive mental health related information and resources in the one place. The theme to this year’s expo is “Opening Doors”.  It’s important to showcase the seriousness of mental health, wellbeing and preventing the onset of mental health problems, as well as ways in which you can lessen the severity of any existing issues.

For more information please visit Queensland Mental Health Week