State of Volunteering in Australia Report


86% of volunteer involving organisations are struggling to get the volunteers they need, with volunteers deterred by factors such as personal expense, red tape and a lack of flexibility, according to a report recently launched by Volunteering Australia at the National Volunteering Conference in Canberra.

The State of Volunteering in Australia Report, compiled by Volunteering Australia with the assistance of PwC, analyses the findings from a national survey of 2,304 volunteers, volunteer involving organisations and for the first time corporates.

Key statistics:

  • 92% of volunteers feel that the organisations they volunteer for provide them with the right opportunities to match their interests and needs
  • 93% of volunteers saw positive changes as a result of their volunteering
  • 99% of volunteers will continue to volunteer into the future
  • 67% of volunteer involving organisations say that volunteers bring new insights
  • 60% of people improve of their patience skills through volunteering
  • 44% of volunteers have engaged in virtual volunteering in the last 12 months, a trend we expect to increase
  • In a volunteer involving organisation 57% of the workforce are volunteers